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  • 9.90 CHF In Stock

    Missing the correct Zombie-Token to prepare your lethal attack? Need something to count the cards which have already been played during the game? Or just doodling while your opponent takes forever for his turn? Here you go! With our Multi Tokens, you will always have the right answer.

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  • 14.90 CHF In Stock

    Ideal for tokens, cards, dials, dice, and many other items Fully usable during gameplay: Completely removable cover, that easily clips to the bottom, not wasting precious space on the table 9 removable trays in 3 different sizes Large tray holds up to 40 single-sleeved* cards or 75 unsleeved cards Bottom part usable as a dice tray Modular design for...

    14.90 CHF
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  • 2.90 CHF In Stock

    Casual token box to safely store tokens or cards Modular system: compatible with Holder Cave, Dungeon 1100+, Dungeon S 550+ Holds up to 40 doublesleeved, 50 single-sleeved,* or 80 unsleeved cards Durable token box with write-on strips and innovative secure click-lock mechanism Perfect for a huge variety of boardgames, LCGs, and TCGs Strong welding points...

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  • 29.90 CHF In Stock

    On-the-go storage and breaker station with wrist strap  Textured leatherette exterior with strong magnetic closure  Cover transforms into a built-in breaker mat Interior holds three Toploader boxes, 150+ Standard 3” x 4” Toploaders, OR thirty 35pt ONE-TOUCH holders Inner dimensions: 4.50 in. x 10.40 in. x 4 in. *Accessories shown are not included

    29.90 CHF
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items